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Custom Trailers

Need a custom trailer? Not a problem, odd lengths, higher sides, sides with expanded metal or fully closed off, ramps, ramp gates on the side or maybe drop axles? Recessed “D” rings, heavy floppy rings, “J” hooks, stake pockets, chrome wheels, winch mounts and much more on open and enclosed trailers.

Speaking of Enclosed Trailers; How about a taller trailer, maybe a “Stacker to haul two vehicles.“ Want windows, custom interiors, electrical panels, awnings, Black & White Checker Flag Floor or maybe a Aluminum or Steel Diamond Plate Floor. For more fun with your toys, how about a built in 5KW generator with a 32 gallon fuel tank? Heck you can even add a “Fuel Station” so you don't have to keep a bunch of 5 gallon fuel cans around taking up space or worse running back into town to re-fuel. Out in the hot stuff a lot, add a air conditioner and maybe a outside shower. For real comfort check out the Fun Runner (Toy Hauler/RV) section, great for hunting, fishing and just plain old playing with all the comforts of home away from home.

Contractors and other rolling businesses; Take a Carson Cargo, add a 5KW generator,16 or 32 gallon fuel tank (maybe even a “Fuel Station“), several electrical outlets inside and outside, work bench, maybe a bathroom with shower or a shower outside, air conditioner, and  heat. Make it how you need it or want it. Everything stays in one central location until it is needed to go on the job site.

 Check out our “Options Pages“ for a multitude of possibilities. (This page is still under construction)